up with figs, the sassy trot
qotd, I still love him.

actual knitting content, winter is coming

I always have a sock on the needles. This is doubly true in the summer, when the idea of a lapful of wool is less than appealing.* The most recent pair is done, just in time for Fall to really start to get serious.


The picture was snapped in my office, with me laying on the floor and trying to get my feet in something resembling natural light before my helpful assistant decided to lick me.


I took three shots before there was a cold, wet nose on my neck.

Oh - and also on the memory card:


* My next band will be called "Lap Full of Wool."


doggus interruptus.

I've tried to make a sock three of four different times and have always given it up. I can manage the turn and the shaping and so forth. I just never stick with it. I think it's the thin yarn. Not a fan.

Once again you have inspired me--this time to knit socks again. I did some about 5 (or more) years ago, for each of my daughters. They love them, so I don't know why I have been so long getting more on the needles, especially as I have lots, and I do mean lots, of beautiful sock yarn. Maybe it is because here in the deep south wool socks always seem hot, even when they are not. Please keep the dog pictures coming, I love them, nearly as much as I love the pictures of your children!

It is good to have an assistant that will lick you. You will always know your face is clean ;-)

For me, the socks are not goal oriented. I knit a round or two here and there and eventually wind up with a sock. I'm in no hurry -- and it makes tedious things less tedious. YMMV.

I love the socks and your dog. Please tell me what type of dog you have so I can go buy one.

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