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The short version: I went down to NYC last weekend to see (Obie-winning and Pulitzer-nominated ) Lisa D'Amour's Detroit. David Schwimmer and Amy Ryan are in it. It is good -- and so are the reviews (NYT and New York Observer).

The long version: I knew Lisa back in Austin, lo these many years ago when I was just discovering that I might be a writer and she was doing dance/performance installation art. Time passed. I moved to Knoxville and was having a conversation with a good friend there. We discovered that she knew someone I went to college with and in a completely different context. Then we discovered that she went to college with Lisa, who I knew in a completely different context. The world is very small.

Fast forward to last weekend, when the Knoxville friend, who I will call Shelley because her name is Shelley, came up to NYC for a college reunion of sorts, which was organized by a another Knoxville friend. A half-dozen almni of Milsaps College came from scattered points -- like Tupelo and, um, New Jersey -- to see Detroit. I invited myself along because I wanted to see both the show and the folks I knew in Knoxville and don't get to see often enough. 

Life is funny, you know? And sometimes Ross from Friends shows up, too.


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