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many things make a post

* Maybe I'm in a running lull -- I'm still running but feel sorta stuck -- because I'm not training for anything cool. This looks cool. Who's with me?

* I'm totally a skeptic but I do find acupuncture to be a near miracle. And there's evidence to support it.

* On vasectomies.

* I might need to read this.

* Totally safe for work porn-y machines.

* I heard this song again recently and was reminded how I shouldn't hear it unless I'm willing to be gutted by it each and every dang time.

* How to sort lentils. This may be why everything I've ever tried to make with lentils turned out terrible.

* Note to self: set DVR.

* Note to self: make this.

* This event at Oblong Books should be fantastic. I'm planning to go. Who wants to carpool?

* My dog: the paradox.

* Help out a word worker, if you are so inclined. Knitting bracelets and jewelry.

* Ben Folds Five meets the Fraggles. It gets silly.

* What Lev said.


I do not sort my lentils, FWIW. Ugly lentils are just as edible as pretty ones. I'm willing to spit out any that don't want to cook up right. I file it in the same category as gristle I'm not willing to butcher out. But I don't cook lentils often anymore. I have an unholy love for mujaddara, but no patience for caramelizing onions, so I make a point to eat it at Ali Babas.

I really like Lev's blog post.

"Hey, wake up. I gotta go stand in the yard and sniff things instead of peeing." Yeah. We had a lot of that until one night we didn't anymore. (hot damn and hallelujah!) Only 11 more years.

Loved the dog paradox - no surprise ;)

Thanks for the acupuncture link! I'm just making an appointment to try it (for migraines), and this felt like confirmation.

Sorting lentils -- just the kind of thing a mildly OCD person like me can love ;-)

"Hallelujah" is such a magnificent piece of art and love.

I have a friend in Vancouver who might be up for the Sea Wheeze. Regardless of whether she runs, we could book the guest suite in her condo complex to crash at for cheap. Too bad the Sea Wheeze isn't the same weekend as @#*&%! Seafair. I could use an excuse to be out of town when the Blue Angels go screaming past my house repeatedly.

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