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Because I am clearly out of my mind, I signed up for this Sunday's Pit Run. The more observant among you will say, "didn't you do that last year? How is this new? We come here for the new and intriguing pickles that you've found yourself in."

To you I say: I'm doing the 10K this year, because I am nuts. I feel OK about the distance -- I can run 6 whole miles without stopping, as long as I can go very slowly* -- but am scared to death of the elevation.  It is not a series of hills to be ignored.

Upside - the route goes past my house and I can always just give up and go home. 

Any advice?


* Which I never, ever, ever thought I'd say.


Here's my advice from Chi Running; go as slow as you want on the uphills and then let gravity do it's job on the downhills. Time wise, it will probably be a wash. May the force be with you.

/thinking: this Sunday, so practicing is out ...

Just finish - consider the race practice for ...something. It doesn't matter how well you do; it's what you learn that counts. And doing it will be new and different so you've all ready got that.

Focus on the end - not the doing. You all ready know how to run. You'll be fine.

Drink tons of water all week and the day before. I run much more comfortably when I'm adequately hydrated. I'll see you there! ;)

I'm not a runner nor even a jogger nor a walker (damned hips and knees) but I think that if you really want to finish, you must tell yourself you Have To Finish. As soon as you allow the possibility of quitting to enter your mind, your body and your mind will team up on you and Let You Quit.

Of course, if you suffer an injury or experience heart palpitations or anything serious, disregard this advice. It's worth exactly what you paid for it.

You, go, girl!

Focus on your diet and sleep. This will give you the edge you need to rock the 10km run.

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