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Last night, I took yet another sewing class at Project Anthologies. As you do.*

We made zippered bags, which means I got to learn a more effective and attractive way to install a zipper.** My results: 



Would that I had world enough and time, I'd sew all the things. Instead, I'm thinking about sewing a shirt. I've given up on the idea of a proper button down (for now) - but does anyone have another pattern to recommend?


* I convince the Pie Goddess to come with me this time. 

** My old method was just to pin that bad boy in and sew the shit out of it. 


Do it! Sew alllll the things!

I don't have a particular shirt pattern to recommend, but I've seen many lovely tutorials and patterns around the quilting blogs. Check out Amy Butler's patterns, which are good starting patterns because they use nice, trustworthy quilting cottons. Coletterie is a great starting point too. And if you have access to a serger, you can really go nuts.

I'm with Lanea! Sew it all!

I can't recommend patterns ... I haven't looked in ages. But all this sewing talk is making me think.

Go for a tunic. My friend Heather has been sewing all the things and the tunics are the ones that have been the most beautiful. I can ask her which patterns she is using if you watnt!

I have a couple of Folkwear patterns that I've made - just glancing at Google it seems they are only available via Etsy and other re-sellers but the blouse and shirt patterns are nice - or at least I thinks so. Love your zippered bag, great work!

Your bag is pretty, and your zipper installation divine.

What a great-looking bag! Nice work. I don't know how to sew, so I can't recommend, but I can commend!

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