the gears of capitalism must turn
up with figs, judgement day

many things make a post

* Oh, Andy.

* It's the second item that makes me wonder.

* In case you've wondered where "Black Friday" came from.

* I'd forgotten how much I love this piece until I heard it on the radio this weekend.

* Scott and I were talking about this this very weekend. I embrace Scalzi's message.

* A very Muppety week -- one video with CeeLo Green (safe for kids) and Neil Patrick Harris (not so much.)


That Austin watch report has to be a joke. It was awesome. And so is Andy. His Djoka is awesome.

Scalzi's article is right on. I wish my husband would just relax. My mother and I agree we want nothing and the relief of that stress is greatly appreciate. Still having to jump through ridiculous hoops, though...

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