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If your house is at all like mine, the next few days will be less than predictable. Rather than wait until Tuesday to post a "many things," I'm going to post it now. Given that there probably won't be any new content this week (unless there is), you'll have lots of time to read a link or two at your leisure. Happy holidays, y'all!

* Katha Pollit's list of charities. I'm looking at you, Fill the Shelves.

* My love for Alton Brown only grows.

* Really? This seemed like a good idea?

* Words fail me.

* I almost wish I didn't know about this because now I have to go.

* Librarian tattoos!

* NASA Gangnam Style.

* Om nom nom.

* Need some wonder?

* Sobering data.

* Need a laugh?

* You have to read through the whole post to grok the wonder.

* Science!

* The Year in Cheating.

* Misty watercolor memories...


I never watch Miss Universe, but may have to record it next year so I can fast forward to the national dress part. What a hoot!

Sadly, another gun death in Minneapolis yesterday. Father kept a loaded pistol under his pillow. (Why, for @#$@'s sake?) Four-yo son found it and accidentally killed two-yo brother.

otoh, thanks for the space photos! I have been collecting awesome images online, saving them to my HD, and rotating them as wallpaper. Now I have a folder of SPACE images.

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