sometimes, you just have to go
up with figs (rerun), mug shot

many things make a post

* In case you needed four different versions of "Rocky Top," which I did.

* Just ... wow.

* I will add this to my list of places to go.

* This must be from the Onion

* Lisa got a Grammy nomination! (sorta)

* Have a dog? Help a researcher...

* Two from Boing Boing: Cape Fuckthiswearegoinghome and this sounds about right, sadly.

* And two from io9: these are so cute and never, ever, ever bring these to my house. EVER.


Eeew. Those kitchen gadgets are so gross. So very gross. Why??!?

Thanks for linking that Scientific American article (Blog? Study invite?) As a dog owner and dog blogger, dog behavior is very interesting to me. Posting a video of myself on the Internet might not be, however...we'll see how that goes.

(Jen from the library workshop)

Wow - kewl paining :)

I'll post a video of Dude playing with Sam (gets over that part about using me ...)

The piece on Laurie Penny :(

Those kitchen gadgets - ick.

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