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From the local almost daily: On letting go.

Unrelated, really, but yesterday I drove out to Rhinebeck, not for sheep and wool but to meet Gwenda Bond and Libba Bray who were doing a reading at Oblong Books. I managed to get there in enough time to take a shopping excursion with Bond and Literaricat, which took us to a charming and strange variety store. There was amazing yarn in the back and this in the front:


This glamour hairnet is "enchanting by day ... bewitching by night." And for 89 cents, who can resist?


Plus, it was made in Formosa and carefully examined. How can you lose?


 See? It blends right in. And, yes, I am getting to be that grey. It gives me gravitas.


So am I bewitching? Enchanting?


You are bewitchingly and enchantingly gravitas-ful!

Back in the early '90s there used to be a Ben Franklin store in our eensy teensy hamlet. It too had stock from who knows when - ruffled aprons, acrylic yarn in '70s colors, It closed a few years later and became the new library building (which is now way too small and we are raising money to convert an empty supermarket into the new library). I don't know that it had anything carefully examined from Formosa, though...

My grandmother had hairnets like that! Hers had multicolor beads on them. I thought they were beautiful. :)

Beguiling. As in, a beguiling creature in a hairnet. As in, a decorated hairnet is a beguilingly brilliant way to enhance greying hair. I think you're on to something.

Hairnets are totally going to make a comeback. I am such a trendsetter.

Well, it does curtail the {explosion - S's word, not mine} but I agree with the other commentators - bewitching. I wish I could pull one off, I'd wear it EVeRY DAY!

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