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quivering loveliness

Quickly, quickly, before the children find me.*

Thank you for all of your thoughts and offers for the mitten tree. Please keep spreading the word. 

Also, a few clarifications -- any type of mitten is fine. Knitting is great and so is crochet or sewn or quilted. The only hard and fast requirement is green. My plan is to put the tree up in November of 2013 in Project Anthologies shop window. My hope is that I can also put a few more up in other windows -- but we'll see.**

In case you need one, Red Heart has a fine free basic mitten pattern. I'll link to more as I stumble on them.

In other news, we had our monthly tri-family dinner last night. The theme wound up being pseudo-Mexican, mostly because the Pie Goddess had a freezer full of tamales and I wanted to make this cake:



I can't even tell you how yummy this Magic Chocolate Flan Cake**** was. Worth every dang calorie. It might be my lunch, too. Because we don't need no steeenking nutrition around these parts.

And, now, on with the rest of the day. Woo?


* They have the day off; I do not. We're about to launch ourselves into a peripatetic day of moving from place to place in which little of import will get done, I suspect, but we will try. You know how it goes.

** I also have a big box of fleece, which I rediscovered after the dog kept nibbling on little tufts of it, that I might drive around various folk to help me make it into green yarn and then mittens.*** But the Fleece Train is still in the planning stages. Holler if you might want in.

*** (with apologies to Clara.)

**** Cook's Country hides the recipe behind a subscription wall. Sorry. But their picture is a lot better than mine. 


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