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An update on the mitten tree (and if you've not read about said mitten tree, start here): 

Lots o' folks are knitting their hearts out or, at least, have told me they are knitting their hearts out. WOOT! I say. Please let me know when you need a mailing address. I'd like to have mittens in hand (heh) by the end of October 2013 -- but remain ever flexible.

The lovely Dorothy suggested a mitten pledge program, where mitten makers could let me know how many pairs per month they planned to make. I think this is a lovely idea. Maybe I could make a sidebar on this here blog that indicates pledges and/or pairs received? Please leave your thoughts about this in the comments.

I did finish some actual knitting last night, which means I'll be able to start a pair of mittens soon. I have the yarn picked out and everything.


My Turbo Toes (rav link) came out a little big - but I suspect that will change the first time I wash them. 


They will, however, make a fine replacement for the pair destroyed by the accursed hound.*


I'm thinking about taking this little walnut sized ball of leftover yarn and making a new toe for the chewed on black sock. Not sure I'll have enough, tho. Hrmph.


* Technically, not a hound but a herder. 



I have one pair of green mittens done. Will probably make more ... but the umpteen projects on needles and in my queue (for which I already have a closetful of yarn) are starting to weigh on me. Need to give them some time.

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