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and now we are one

Officially, Lucy's birthday is February 29. You can see the issues this causes. The house is split on the best way to handle it. I say we should celebrate on March 1; Maddy believes the proper date is Feb. 28.*

So look at the rest of this post when you feel you should.

Today (or tomorrow), Lucy turns one.


Photo snapped minutes ago. Now she is under my desk, hogging my space heater and making the whole room smell like mulch because she was just out digging in the mud. Oh, the glamour.

She still acts like a puppy, mind, snapping into fits of unstoppable enthusiasm for walks and socks. But she is settling down, too. She's a good girl, mostly, even if she makes us batty at times. 

But we've come a long way from this...


... taken in May when we first got her.

And this...



* The other two people in the house have yet to voice an opinion.**

** In all honesty, we probably won't do much of anything (if we do anything at all) until Saturday, because this week has been a crazy one, what with Tech rehearsals and Scout meetings and homework and personal hygene. 


Happy birthday, Lucy!

A couple of weeks ago we started puppy shopping. Our plan is to stagger in a new puppy every 6 years or so, so never to have that empty nest when the one and only best loved family companion dog dies. But, also, theoretically, to have no more than two dogs at once. And, Sasha turned 6 in January, so...

Happy birthday whenever you celebrate! I think a Frosty Paws is in order. Stella seconds it.

Dogs, depending on size, are considered puppies until they are two. And some breeds (like terriers) act like puppies for much longer (up to four).

Lucy is so dang cute that I can't stand it!

Oh the adorable cuteness! So very nice to see. Please give her pets on both days for me. I feel I should be fair to both sides of the argument AND the dog wins with pets on both days.

Sam thinks Steak! is involved. Or maybe a hamburger. And a long walk in the woods. And her favorite toy. And maybe a doggie friend. And belly rubs. And ...

I think every day is a party for Sam.

The Girls say you should celebrate BOTH days and there should SNACKS both days- again and again. (Hobbittses these two are).
Also, they are offering to help with the snacking, as i am apparently falling down on the job on -my- birthday here.

Happy Birthday, Lucy! And many more!

Frequently, birthdays are when I will give Elka gross things that I wouldn't otherwise purchase on a regular basis. Like dried trachea. Of course, she must pose with a hat or something, so that there is a payoff.

Our Sabrina (a sheltie) was also born on 2/29 and came to our home in May. We celebrated on 2/28. Your Lucy sounds about the same as Sabrina - still seeing the puppy but also settling down a bit. I can't imagine life without her. One thing though, as soon as I pick up my knitting, she goes and lays down. Mom is busy, no time for play.

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