two women + a cat
up with figs, on little duck feet


Mister Peanut McNubbin!!! SQUEEEE!!!!

Duke Peanut Fritofeets!!

/wow That's a way longer name than "Sam" and he's a much bigger dog.

Maybe I'm fighting the good fight with the gray but maybe I'm just frugal(cheap) & too busy(lazy).

To my eye, my gray streaks look like highlighting (but cheaper and non-damaging). That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

/s/ Captain Waffles Fritofeet

Gray? How about flesh color?

/s/ Queen Squiggy Fritofeet

Captain Macaroni McNolegs, woo hoo!

How did it know I'm short and Irish?

Captain Macaroni Derpenshire

As long as my gray comes in a a "good gray" -- by which I mean 'not a yellowish gray' -- I plan on leaving it be. (Be prepared to remind me that I said this.)

The problem with the gray is not that lovely end state when the hair is mostly gray. It's the in between state where some of us look like -- to use my mother colorful phrase -- a frizzy calico cat.

-- Queen Peanut Derpenshire

The women in my family go gray early; I think I started in my early twenties. However, for some odd reason, I'm mostly going gray in the underlayers of my hair, so I get streaks whenever the top layer of still-mostly-dark-brown shifts.

And I just want to go sufficiently gray that I could, conceivably, start dyeing it outlandish colors without having to bleach the living daylights out of my hair first.

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