on trying a new thing
up with figs, under his hat

many things make a post

* Like the post says, I didn't know I wanted it until I discovered it might exist.

* Jonah Lehrer apologizes like Lance Armstrong does. Which is to say, not really at all.

* Keep your red stuff out of my head.

* Given that we live in a cold place, we have quite a number of hot water bottles in the house. I also have quite a number of Fat Quarters in the house. Kismet?

* The Scott Miller and his calf. (Also: he's on the road. Go see him.)

* So... this is a thing. And this.

* Know any classroom teachers? Or any scientists? Send them here.

* My name is Adrienne and I am also a stationery addict.


My name is Patty and I, too, am a stationery addict. I donated a ton of note cards to Goodwill because I had Too. Dang. Many. for today's email age.


Oooooh yeah. I did a fairly massive cleanout recently of the various crappy notepads/notebooks I'd accumulated. I have a sad addiction to Rhodia and Clairefontaine notebooks and paper; excellent, reliable quality and they work beautifully with fountain pens, which is all too often not the case.

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