sweater ephemera
up with figs, room with escher views

many things make a post

* These dolls are powerful objects. And creepy. Let's not forget creepy.

* Fashion and neuroscience.

* What happens when scientists play with mini figurines.

* Why you can't eat just one.

* Solve the outbreak. I am tempted to get an iPad just to play this game.

* None more cute.

* I wish I could letter like this.

* On Celiac and gluten. And a rebuttal, sort of.

* Note to self: see if Sheri wants to knit for the mitten tree. (And if you know Sheri, please ask her.)

* A holiday we should all embrace.

* Mantyhose.


I honestly do not remember when I last wore pantyhose.

Why would men want to wear nylons. It's taken us the past 50 years to get out of them. This is a new way to oppress us, isn't it. I blame Seth MacFarland. (Did I spell that wrong? The computer tells me it's spelled incorrectly. Well, fuck him.)

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