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mittens in Melbourne

Quickly then, because it looks like this day will be spent with me running around like a harried bumblebee.* 

Tony at the Bonito Club is knitting some mittens for the tree, once it cools off in Melbourne, Australia. Australia, y'all! We're going international!

So have you started your pair yet? 

(For more info, click here.)

* Is that a thing? It should be a thing.


...with yarn bought from England, these are going to be global mittens! I may need to plant a real tree to offset the carbon miles.

I'll be traveling to Norway this summer-plan to look for green yarn.

Finally started mine today! (I had a lace shawl to finish first.) Should be quick, as I'm using super bulky yarn.

Wish I be able to travel in Australia.One of my wish list.good luck!

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