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qotd, a two-fer

"Quite a few people in the state of Alabama, however, would not set foot in our room after the iguana moved in, including our mother. The iguana wandered implacably across my schoolbooks, and often across me, and at night he'd hang by his claws high on the silk curtains, thinking his special Paleolithic monster thoughts, backlit by the moon. It was an excellent primer on how to live with a dragon."

-- "Homegrown Wisdom" by Guy Martin 

"If you don't understand history," his wife adds, "how can you understand human beings? This isn't just iron. It's engineering and technology. It's the bravery of the soldiers. It's the sheer foolishness of it all."

-- "The Shell Hunter" by Chris Dixon 


In college my brother knew a girl who had a free-ranging iguana. It was 6 feet long, since they'll grow to fill the space they have to roam around in. It would sleep in bed with her (which killed my brother's attraction to her), drape itself over the back of the couch, and hang on the wall next to the front door looking at people as they came in. He said that iguana looked like it knew stuff. Like how to eat people.

That's both amazing and terrifying.

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