once more, with feeling
up with figs, creeping crud

many things make a post

* 38 maps you never knew you needed. Man, I love maps.

* Having lived near Oak Ridge (and having a very good friend live in Oak Ridge (and marveling at how I could never, ever manage to get to her house the same way twice)), I must read this book.

* Hello, ladies.

* I want to go there.

* The title doesn't lie.

* This isn't at all safe for work but is really, really funny.

* Should you write for free?


Whoa, that lake. Yikes.

Laughed out loud at the ping pong match. And the kitty bag. (Which might be mistaken for the same post, but I think you know what I'm talking about.)

Should you write for free?
Should you act for free?
Should you design for free?
Should you create art for free?
Should you sing for free?

The list goes on and on and on and on...

And thr list seems to apply only to arts/creative ventures. Will a debate ever ensue about whether someone should offer, say, accounting services or plumbing services for free? Doubtful.

Please, someone, pull me down from the soapbox.

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