my hidden shame
up with figs, perish

many things make a post

* We're going to Seattle this summer and might just have to make a side trip here.

* What it really looked like, because we tend to forget.

* For the writers.

* Don't hate the knitter, yo.

* How many times?

* Ladies be moody.

* Looks great. Wants to kill your children, tho.

* My love for this is mighty.

* Huh.

* I've mentioned that my birthday is coming up, yes?

* Billy Collins' TED Talk.


Ah, the 70s.
FWIW, Tommy Bartlett places remain in abundance in the Dells.

Laughed out loud for real at the post about modern home death traps.

Well crumb -- I was all excited to tell you about the teepee hostel you guys could take the kids to on Vashon, but their web site indicates that they've just closed. I stayed there once with friends when we rode our bikes to VI (via the ferry) for a weekend. ( Karl and I actually considered buying a little farm on Vashon at one point (which probably would have been a disaster, but it's fun/romantic/whimsical to think about it).

"But then again it took a long time for us to put the wheel and the suitcase together."

Love. Him.

So many great links to keep me from the stack of grading I have to do!! Thanks!

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