it grades the papers
up with figs, scooter

many things make a post

* It tickles me to no end that my local brewery is paired with Westeros.

* I don't drink soda - it's not a health thing (even thought they are lousy for you) just an aversion to beverages with bubbles - but only make an exception for Jarritos Tamarindo. I just open it and wait for it to get flat. I know.

* I didn't watch The Taste beyond the first episode but enjoyed this piece by Bourdain anyway. And really want to meet Nigella.

* Children and their toys.

* This matches my experience at a Knoxville cat show. But, you know, in Spain. With Spanish cats.

* After Fukushima.

* Stay on the bus.

* Cook your own food. Ruhlman rants again. 

* A Day in the Life of Oneonta. Cute - but who is this Connor kid?

* My birthday is just around the corner, you know.

* Preach.


Oh, Adrienne, it's pop not soda.

Ditto on the numerous holiday celebrations. So glad my kids are old enough to not expect Elf on the Shelf and Leprechaun traps, etc.

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