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my hidden shame

The kids and the college students are on break this week. The Boy and the Diva's paternal grandmother has whisked them away to points south. I was scheduled to join them but had to make the adult decision that too much else needed to be done -- and would get done much faster while they were away.* It'll be a different ballgame once my semester ends but, for now, the papers and grades and sundry bookkeeping has to happen. 

That doesn't mean that I don't have time to knit a bit:


My first pair of mittens are done. The yarn was a gift from the lovely Delia. It came from New Zealand and is soooooo soft but sturdy, in that way that good wool can be. The pattern came from the link in this post. And if you're asking yourself - why green mittens? Click here.

My other goal, apart from the job-required stuff, is to impose order on my secret shame: the yarn closet.**


Wish me luck. The trick will be keeping the dog's schnozzle out of the yarn that I'll have to pull out, sort, and put back in. I'll let you know how it goes.


* The Featureless Saint decided to celebrate their absence by getting the stomach ick that's been making the rounds. I spent a goodly part of the weekend bleaching and Purelling because, ew.

** This is also the cross-stitch closet but doesn't contain the auxiliary fabric shelf. That's another project for another day.


you have no idea how good this photographic disclosure makes me feel. thank you.

Two words: Rubbermaid bins.

What steven a. said.

Also - may we have an after photo?

Sharing a picture of the yarn closet? That is some brave shit right there.

I have some rubbermaid bins, but that just means the yarn is all shoved into big bins that I can't see into. If you're going to buy storage stuff* then consider those plastic drawer units with the clearish drawers. Some of my yarn is in one of those and that's a little better.

*Not that you're going to, but since there seems to be a movement afoot in the comments to nudge you in that direction, I'll give my two cents.

There will be an after photo, provided I get off of my arse and make an after. I have some bins - both clear and otherwise - ready to go. I just need to start. But it's just so harrrrrrrd.

I am so glad that your closet looks a lot like mine!

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