qotd, running, again.
many things make a post

before they get here

Quick post, because a) we are in the last three weeks of the semester and my brain is soft and b) my afternoon will also contain my annual squishing of my boobs, which takes up some time. 

It doesn't take time because there is a lot of boob. Really, the time is taken by the waiting, not the squishing. Um.


I had the privilige to co-exist in the same city as Yee-Haw Industries, which has now become but a memory. But one of the Yee-Haw partners has moved to L.A. and kickstarted a new business, Church of Type. Here is my reward for shoving a few bucks his way:


Now I just need to figure out where to put it.


That's made of awesome!

Maybe if you carry it with you and post it in wating rooms you can get the squishing done quicker!

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