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many things make a post

* A counter-intuitive truth.

* Sheep in a box.

* "Adoption is the new pregnant." (Warning: You will probably weep after reading this. Or be filled with rage. Or both.)

* David Foster Wallace on Perfectionism. 

* More maps.

* Turns out that women write literature, too. Who knew?

* Dang, Daniel. I have some pollen in my eye. That's all.

* Wow.

* Peter Dinklage answers 20 Questions, one of which involves an artichoke. (This is on the Playboy site so while the interview is safe-for-work, the site itself may not be.) (Also: Tyrion's best lines. Not at all safe for work.)

* This is probably only amusing if you've seen Call the Midwife.

* I would like to go here.

* We ought to be less afraid of singular nuts with weapons and more afraid of what's likely to harm us.  Plus, we actually have some pretty good ideas for how to help prevent the latter.


that quilt!

Funk n'Waffles definitely did not exist when I lived in Syr. Too bad!

Quilt is stunning!

Still amusing without having seen Call the Midwife (which is now being added to my to-watch list).

That quilt makes me swoon.
The 'cuse seems to be getting hip. I take this as a sign of the apocalypse.
I only watched the first few episodes of Call the Midwife before I lost interest, fwiw.

Lovely (well - that adoption piece doesn't qualify as "lovely") distractions this week (I needed that - thank you!)

That quilt is just stunning!

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