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When I went to pick up yesterday's mail, these were waiting for me:


Six (!) pairs of mittens from Janet* in Arizona. Now we know the answer to the question, "how many mittens will one skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease make?" The answer is: four, for a total of 12 mittens in all, in Avocado, Loden, and Forest Green Heather.

Thanks Janet! They are in the bin.

(If you are wondering what all this is about, then, click here.)

Since I had the camera out, I decided to capture an image of Barney,** our quasi-feral former barn cat. Now that the weather has grown marginally less dire, he'd much prefer to be outside but was inside, for reasons known only to him.


Right after I snapped the picture, he sauntered over and bit the top of my head. Jerkface.


Then he sat in front of his window and waited for the person who he'd just bitten to come open it. Which I did, because I am a sucker. 

Note McGregor's disdain. Not sure if it's for me or for Barney.


* If you have a blog, I'd be happy to link.

** a.k.a. Barnstable, the Barnacle, Asshat. Depends on everyone's mood, really. And, yes, he is missing the tip of his ear. Pirates were involved.


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