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When I was working at the Toad on Saturday morning, an acquaintance slipped these across the counter:


Cable close-up activate!


Lovely, eh? I have added them to the box.

(The why part of the mitten knitting is explained here, btw. Knit on!)

And now a question...

Way back in 2012, I had the honor of taking Amy Herzog's Knit to Flatter class at the Knitter's Review Retreat. During the class, I fell in love with Chimera and wanted to knit it right that second. I had to wait until her book came out, tho, which was for the best, because I already had too much to knit at the end of last year.

The book is now in my hot hands and, given that I just had a birthday, I have a little bit of money to spend on yarn. But I can't figure out which color to choose. I'm trying to decide between Kittywake, which would be the practical choice because it goes with almost everything I own, and Parsley, which would be the more fun choice to knit and to wear during the long, dark winter. Thoughts?


parsley is lovely. I currently have snap pea and I think it is also sweet. But I would love to see kittywake in person!

Greens can be so hard to wear, but I hear you on the way color can perk us up in winter in a way that grey can't. What about peacock? Also, I like Frank's plum, but that's just because I'm a very dirty minded person.

I say go with the fun one. Garments in neutral colors that go with everything you own are a lot easier to find and buy than garments in colors that speak to you. And why knit something you can buy? The customization is one of the big perks of knitting.

BTW, I found some leftover green yarn in the stash (much more than I thought I had), so mittens will be happening soon.

Parsley, of course. I personally hate knitting or sewing anything that goes with everything--smacks of blandness to me. Besides, I think that parsley is almost a neutral--would probably go with anything that wasnt a bright bright.

both - send me the bill. No, this is not a joke.

both - send me the bill. No, this is not a joke.

Parsley - lighter color to better show off the cables.

Leek and split pea are more my style ;)

(Please remember that I wore a skein of red Brigantia around at the Retreat. Because I was so unused to knitting with anything not-practical.)

Imagine you've chosen one. Does it feel good, or do you have a sinking feeling? If so, choose the other!

Parsley would really make the cables sing. Everything about Knit to Flatter and Amy's F2F stuff is a total win in my book. Enjoy Chimera!

Parsley. Absolutely. The cables would be lost in Kittywake, as another commenter mentioned. (Hope I'm not too late with this comment -- I'm catching up on blogs.)

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