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Those of you who've read Hillbilly Gothic know that I am a fan/friend of musician Scott Miller.* Miller's been working on a new album and needs your help. Throw him a couple of bucks if you can. Not only will you get some great music, you could also get a cow ear tag or a river rock.

In other news, on a whim last fall I bought a Paper Source calendar,*** one that has projects printed on the back of each sheet so that you can make something out of each month when it's done. I thought it was pretty and had only the smallest desire to do the project part. As it turns out...


... folding paper is fun. And if I have any smallish gifts to give, I now have plenty of boxes to choose from.


* Someone once asked if Scott Miller was the Scott I am married to. I just laughed and laughed because the only way that relationship could possibly end is with one of us throwing empty** Jack Daniels bottles at the other with a side helping of stabbing and rue. Or so I'd imagine.

** (while the full ones would hurt more, it would be a shame to waste the liquor.)

*** It's not on their site anymore. Sorry.


What a great idea for calendar pages! More companies should do that: make some use out of it, once it's primary function has been completed. And they're pretty!

Right? It's a great idea and so very pretty.

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