the balls of mother's day
up with figs, new for winter 2014

many things make a post

* Books are gendered, too.

* "Don't be shitty."

* I *heart* Lindy West so hard.

* "This is Water."

* Related to the above: This is depression, with illustrations.

* While this piece is a touch hyperbolic, it feels true, especially from the POV of someone who spends some time interacting with college students.

* How to be a grown up. #5 is especially true and I frequently fail at #6, despite how simple it is. (ht Gwenda.)

* Yes, they do. (The opening anecdote reminds me of a scolding I was on the receiving end of while interviewing Antonya Nelson. But that is another story for another day.)

* Here is today.

* Make good use of the cicada invasion and do some science.

* Meagan says what every parent should know but almost never manages to remember during the heat of the moment. 

* You could have been a hamster mamma.


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