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qotd, choose your voices

"A North Carolina runner whose blog I follow had a post last week about being out on a run and a group of smoking, drinking women cackling at her, “You know you’re too fat to be out here, don’t you?”  Another runner would never say that to a runner. I’ve never had another runner say anything belittling to me, at least not to my face.

But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned in the past couple of years is that all opinions are not created equal.  Not everyone’s opinion matters. We’ve all got different voices yelling at us—real ones, and ones inside our head—and we get to choose whose voices get through.  Choose wisely. Ignore the voices that don’t matter. You know whose they are."

-- From Another Mother Runner's interview with Jennifer Graham, whose book I'm going to have to buy.


I want to draw this in the worst way.

What's stopping you?

Do it! I want to see it in Up with Figs.

Bought the book after reading this and devoured it in two days! Funny, poignant and well-written.

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