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qotd, on feeling sorry for yourself

People who feel sorry for themselves? She understands. We all encounter injury and illness and loss and change, and we're all scared and sad and hopeless. She has certainly been all those things. And the moment she bawled like a baby might serve as an object lesson in how we all—runners and nonrunners, brain-damaged and life-battered, blessed and cursed, teenaged loan sharks and high school physics teachers alike—might handle those moments when we want to give up.

"I have sat in a bathtub full of bubbles having a glass of wine, crying and feeling sorry for myself," your mother says. "Then I got out of the goddamn bathtub and went to bed and got up the next day."

-- from Steve Friedman's feature in this month's Runner's World.*


*  Runner's World's feature department kills it every dang month, btw. 


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