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I spent most of yesterday waiting for various people to get back to me* with information I needed before I could move forward on about six different projects, which meant that I couldn't really leave my desk, just in case. And, so, pictures of various things snapped while at my desk.

The other night, the Boy came down after bedtime and handed us a picture he'd drawn. "What's this?" I asked. "It's me in the style of Pablo Picasso."


Indeed it is, my son. Indeed.


While we were away over the weekend, I was handed a pair of mittens by one-half of the couple we were staying with. More, she says, are coming. To which I say, Woot!**

Finally, this is what I decided to do while waiting:


I picked up stitches for my Blumchen*** while watching Supersizers. As one does.


* None of them did. That's just how this week is going to go. *lesigh*

** (If you want to know why mittens, click here.)

*** That extra bright light in the upper left is almost enough for me to see all of the stitches with. Almost.


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