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up with figs, new for winter 2014

Once upon a time, Lisa and Adrienne worked for the same alternative newsweekly. Now, both spend their respective days mining their creative souls and leading hermit-like lives. And so an idea was hatched. Every week, one would send the other a sketch - either in illustration or word form - and the other would make a companion sketch. The result would be posted on both their blogs every week, just for grins. Even if the result isn't award-worthy, the exercise might make both minds more nimble. Hopefully.


OPI’s New Nail Colors for Winter 2014, which has been unofficially dubbed “Winter of our Discontent” by the marketing department whose advance PR materials had to be filed just one day after learning that they were all about to be laid off (except for Harriet, of course, who is the boss’ niece and there only to maintain family harmony, despite the fact that she can barely speak English much less write a decent sentence and never even contributes to the coffee fund).

OPI Winter 2014



Text ©Adrienne Martini; illustration ©Lisa Horstman. Until the end of time. Or something.


I would love a black T-shirt with just these color dots and captions.

The t-shirt needs the title Winter of our Discontent. And I'll take one for my sister.


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