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holy cow. is that the time?

I had a different post planned for today. Then, last night, we went to the Girl's 5th grade moving up ceremony.*

When Scott and I looked at the pictures, well, you could have knocked us both over. I mean...


... how is it possible we have a child this age?


And who knew that she would transform into a young woman overnight?

We couldn't be more proud. Also, stunned. But mostly proud.

Because it was also taken last night, a gratuitous corgi is gratuitous:



* This is new for our district. K-6 was in the same building until the budget bru-ha-ha of this year. Starting in the fall, the middle school will hold 6 - 8th grades. Which makes more sense to me, mostly because the difference between a first and a sixth grader is so vast and the gap between a sixth and and eighth grader is less so. But others' opinions differ.**

** Regardless, the middle school is within walking distance, which will be a nice change.



Holy cow, indeed!

Congrats to all of you ~ a question about the Diva's dress ~ I have recently been asked by our 10-yr-old former frilly-dress-loving-girl about finding her some "dresses I'd want to actually wear" aka not pink/purple (or designed with a 18-yr-old in mind). Where does one procure something similar?

Middle School worked for all 3 of our very different kids. The space was good and they had a chance to go beyond grade school

The dress was a hand-me-down, Claudine, and the label has been cut out. Sorry.:( I understand your quest, tho. Our Maddy can be a puzzle to buy for, too.

Thanks for checking :)

I have that same dress in adult size. Old Navy.

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