mittens, mittens!
up with figs, thugs

many things make a post

* Heh. Dude-itors. Additionally, sigh.

* I just have something in my eye, is all.

* The Paper Source Wall Art Calendar for 2014 is now available. And I mention this because of this.

* These have been cracking me up. 

* This broke my heart a little bit.

* I might have to do this with the kids.

* I hope to be this eloquent when the time comes.

* Imagine a sphereical termite.

* Two lists: 1 and 2.

* Nothing. Has. Changed.

* Bugs are just weird, man.


My new mantra..."because I'm naked, I'm the boss."

Thanks for the introduction to Caitlin Siehl. I've learned many great things from you, and a few things that perhaps would have been better left unlearned.... Can you say Magic Chocolate Flan Cake....

How addictive is that cake? Lordy.

Lordy is right! And lest we forget, that pasta pie baked in the springform. Funny I pick up on all your fab recipes but seem to gloss over the healthy bits, like running. Oh well.

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