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I dug through the stash and found one little ball of Classic Elite's Majestic Tweed. Perfect, I thought, for one pair of mittens. Only it wasn't. Instead, it was perfect for one and a half mittens, which required buying another ball of the stuff. So much for moving yarns out of the stash.

Still, the mittens turned out well.


Into the bin they go. (And if you're asking "why mittens?," click here.)

In other yarn-y news, I ran into Peace, Love, & Yarn's Liz at Neil Gaiman's Saratoga Springs'* signing a couple of weeks ago, which was odd because I had no idea she'd be there and she just happened to walk past me at a time when I was looking up. "I have some yarn for your mittens," she said. "Great!" I said. 

Liz and her daughter went off in search of seats closer to the action. Yesterday, this box showed up:


The Lamb's Pride and Nature Spun will be distributed to any locals who want it for mittens. I'm keeping the Liz-dyed hank, tho, because I am selfish. Let me know if you'd like the others.

Finally, McGregor would like me to quit taking pictures and give him his sunny window seat back:**



* I don't know that I blogged about it. Great fun, as you'd imagine an evening listening to Gaiman talk would be.


I actually worked on the now-finished mittens during the event itself. Because I am not good at waiting and listening.

The Ocean at the End of the Lane is a devastating, gorgeous piece of work that I devoured once I started it. The Pie Goddess, who was my date for the evening, and I didn't stick around for the signing. My randomly assigned letter put me in one of the later groups and I am old and tired. 

** Yes, we need new carpet - but are holding off until the Trout the Elderly Cat Who Has Grown Forgetful About the Litterbox shuffles off of this mortal coil. Which could be later this afternoon or in 2019. For now, we are Living With It.


Ah, Neil Gaiman. One of my favorite people on the planet. I heard him speak (twice!) at a Wisconsin librarians' conference about 10 years ago. My friend and I ambushed him as he left the auditorium -- she snuggled up next to him and I took a (flash) photo. I still cringe at our rudeness. But he is an amazing nice person.

I hear ya about the Pet Who Sometimes Forgets About The Litterbox, although in our case it is the Junior Dog Who Sometimes Forgets To Go When She Is Let Outside Specifically For That Purpose. (We have had cats like Trout, though, too.

is it bad that I love shots of McGregor? I just LOVE to think about squishing him and all.

I think Mr G would be OK with the rudeness because he is, indeed, an amazing nice person and knows how much his stories mean to people. And Our Trout is making us all a Little Nuts. Eventually, this too shall pass.

McGregor is great for squishing, btw.

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