this is just to say
up with figs, butterfly tied

many things make a post

* Halfway around the Carousel of Progress.

* What he said.

* Whenever you start to feel nostalgic about The Good Old Days, read this. Or this.

* When I grow up, I want to write like Stephanie Piper. She nails it every time, mind, but hit this one over the fence.

* Carolina dogs.

* Our Boobs; Ourselves.

* Breaks your heart in all of the best ways.

* Where are the newsworthy cocks? (NSFW. Really.)

* On left-wing Puritanism.

* Found myself in a click-trance-memory-hole thing when I read this review of Jomama Jones' Austin show. The writer's name was so familiar that I started clicking through his other stuff, like this lexicon of stagespeak, which should be part of the stagecraft classes. Then the dominoes fell and I remembered Enfants Perdu, a show Frontera@Hyde Park did and that I stage managed (and wrote about.) And then I really wanted to make some big, cheap theater.


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