mittens + ties
this is the time on Sprockets when we paint

qotd, sounds familiar

"Then she was eighteen years old she had almost drowned in the Kennebec River, not because of the pummeling current, but because she couldn't come up with a casual phrase with which to call for rescue. 'Help!' was such a cliche. By the time she was willing to scream, she had no breath left, and it was just blind luck that somebody saw her gasping and floundering and pulled her to shore. 'Why didn't you say something?' they wanted to know, and she said, 'I'm not a screamer.' 'Jesus,' said one of them, 'couldn't you have made an exception this one time?' 'Apparently not,' she said."

-- Jincy Willett, Amy Falls Down, which just came out and you should get if you like your fiction shot-through with wry heart. 


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