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Got back yesterday from Readercon, which was a good and lovely as always. Today, however, has been spent running around doing all of the things I didn't do while away. Unless you want to hear a blow-by-blow description of my trip to the grocery store* and/or this morning's hot (and more hot (and humid)) long run**, I've got nothing of interest right now. 

Except for this: I was on a few panels this year. Scott Edelman recorded one. He also captured one of my favorite writers reading on of her best stories. So if you need something to look at and listen to because you are out of new episodes of The Supersizers Go***, those two clips would be options.


* ".... and then I picked up one lemon but put it back because it wasn't yellow enough and picked up another that I put back because it seemed too yellow and overly knobbly...."

** Actually, that describes it pretty well. 

*** Just me, then?


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