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this is the time on Sprockets when we paint

The other night, Maddy came upstairs to let us know that she was doing a finger painting. This was the result:


That. Kid.

I'm painting, too. We moved into this house five-ish years ago. Not coincidentally, I've spent five-ish years wanting to paint my office. Why has it taken so long? It's not that I hate painting, which I totally do, it's that my office serves as an extension of my brain. Taking it apart and moving it to another room so that I can get to the bits that need painting is discombobulating, to say the very least. Still, it needs to be done. 

The befores:


That white board is all that stands between me and chaos. Totally not kidding.


I should by done by Thursday. Any guesses on what color I'm going for?


Love the "finger" painting! Glad she chose that finger. lol

I vote sunshine yellow, because you LOVE that color. ;-)

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