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corgi monday

Lucy the dog went for her bimonthly grooming at the end of last week. While fluffy corgis are cute*, they do pick up every burr, stick, and wad of gum within a six-foot radius of their perambulations. Velcro fur plus a low ground clearance will so that. 




The pantaloons.

But as I was editing the "after" shots, I realized you really can't tell a difference. I mean, I can but...



So, um, you're just going to have to trust me. 

* Essentially, there are two coat types for Pembroke corgis: smooth and fluffy. The smooth ones are the breed standard and require little maintenance; the fluffies are defective and higher maintenance (but a billion times cuter.)


She probably smells better too :)

I can tell the difference, but then I have 2Westies, so I have practice. BTW, I love your dog! Anytime you are at a loss for blog material, just run a picture of Lucy. It is sure to make me (and others,no doubt)smile.

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