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I'm having one of those Mondays where I feel like I'm running very quickly in order to remain in the same place. Early today, I might have had a decent blog idea or two but they have since been drowned in the tsunami of the week. So, um, for Phyllis, who requested "more pictures of Lucy," I give you a picture of Lucy.


Lucy, by the way, is being more helpful than the cats today. One of said felines just threw up all over my bed. Withhold your jealousy.



aw, isn't she just a darling Lady.

Banish the catses. (I know I know. this coming from a woman with 2 cats herself.)

Cats know just where and when to puke to be least helpful.

Thanks! Lucy always makes my day, and I hope yours!

Ah, lovely Lucy! I always prefer keeping the plates spinning to running in place.

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