corgi monday
up with figs, dark shadows

many things make a post

* I haven't laughed this hard in quite some time.

* Even though I have zero use for it, I still kind of want it.

* Please send me here. KTHX.

* I'm an adjunct professor. I'm in a union. And I know how bad this situation could be without the union.

* Love this - but don't have a set of stairs that it would work on.

* Wondering what to read next?

* I think I hurt myself. 

* Fascinating. (And what's most interesting in the "American" explanation.)

* More helpful than you might think.

* Any writer-types interested? (HT Heidi.)

* Ben Schott stole my idea. There must be a German cognate that describes this feeling...


Feeling wordy today ...
1. "Beartrum!" *snort* "Higglebottom!" *chortle* "Enhance....Enhance....Enhance!" *guffaw* Bear in window *Choke and pee a little*
2. Yes, but would give me nightmares if it could see me while I sleep.
3. Yes. Me, too. Yes, yes, yes.
4. I don't know of any unionized adjuncts around here. Including me.
5. Love. Alas, only carpeted stairs in my house.
6. Thank you!
7. Oh dear God.
8. I love maps. All of them. And, whoa, Germans get around.
9. "Ton of crazy bullshit" is probably not exactly what Bosch was thinking. But, then again ... maybe so.
10. Squee!
11. Want.

I think I just figured out who the Blogess reminds me of. She is the grown up version of Junie B. Jones!

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