gratuitous corgi
up with figs, hammock hang

many things make a post

* I have had each of these crimes perpetrated against me, some more than once. Oh - and this.

* Which book would you add?

* Karl Seeley explains how economies are like ecosystems.

* What's killing poor white women?

* Helpful, I guess. Maybe. But also gross.

* The Guardian says what we're all thinking.

* A fundraiser I can get behind. (Disclosure: I am related to one of the organizers, which makes the cause no less worthy.)

* When we lived in Texas, I saw these every year and never understood what they signified. 



Those corsages kind of freak me out!

Now isn't my knitted uterus and baby doll much better.

Yeah the images of those kids in the mum corsages were really strange! They looked so sad and awkward. Very interesting portraits!

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