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mittens! (and some other stuff)

The day after I posted my last mitten update, four more pairs showed up.


These are from Fran in Buffalo, a repeat mitten-er. Thanks so much! They are in the bin.

(And if you're wondering why, click here.)

Also in that day's mail was an ominous letter from the FBI:


The letter enclosed wasn't all that horrifying. What made me uneasy was what was stamped on the face of the envelope. (Click on the picture to make it bigger.)

I'm always unnerved when a government agency tries to act all human. I prefer my bureaucracy faceless, thanks.

Finally, our cat Barney, the asshat, goes outside every morning to harass the local fauna. He has started hanging out in front of my office window, which is on our second floor and requires a jump onto the roof, and waiting for me to let him in. The dog has caught on to this.


You can almost hear the theme from The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, yes?


Not just the Have a Nice Day.
But the Have a Nice day AND the 9-11 postmark. Way to be even creepier FBI.

You can't get anything by that dog, so don't try!

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