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This, my friends, is what 31 pairs of mittens look like:


Way back in January, when I had this kooky idea to make a mitten tree, I had zero idea what to expect. My fondest wish was to get 200 pairs, build the tree, donate the mittens, and raise some money for either a family-centric or gun control-centric charity. That was the "A" goal. My "D" goal, the reality-based one, was that I'd round up a few handknitted mittens, buy a bunch of cheap acrylic ones, and say I'd tried.

I'm starting to think the "A" goal is increasingly possible, however, because with only a little pushing on my end, mittens are a'comin' in. What will happen if I push a little harder? My hope is only good things.

So tell your friends. Tell knitters you'd like to have as friends. Tell your enemies, too, but manage your expectations.

I'd like to have as many pairs of green mittens as possible in my hands by October 31. Email me for an address, if you don't already have it.*

We can do this. We can warm the hands what need warming. 

*(If you're local and need yarn, I have some to hand out. Even if you're not local-local but might see me in the near future, holler. If you're stalking me, a) stop it and b) ask for green yarn.)


I have one mitten. Sigh.

Mention to the compulsives you know that this is how to develop the One Best Mitten Pattern. If anyone asks me, I'm well on my way to the Best Mitten Pattern Ever. (More mittens will be on their way...)

Will you be willing to share the One Best Mitten Pattern once you've perfected it, Tracey?

I have two mittens, but somehow one turned out just a leetle smaller than the other. So I have to regain my will to knit and make mates for them both.

Knowing about the Halloween deadline helps.

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