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Today in the U.S., it is Labor Day, where we celebrate Unions and working. Because life is like that, I will be working, despite the fact that I am in a Union. My Union, however, will mark the occasion with snacks out on the quad. I shall grab my protest cookie between classes, hum a few bars of "Look for the Union Label," and teach. 

There were other labors this weekend.

One of the things I miss about Austin are the Czech communities between it and Houston. Specifically, I miss kolache. So I made some.


Blueberry, this time. They turned out OK. The doughy part was a little tougher than I'd like but totally not a deal breaker. Maybe you have to know where Pilsen and Brno are in order to get the dough right.


I've also been knitting. I'm surprised, too.


This is the back of the Chimera Cardigan.  And, yes, there is a mistake in the cables, which I didn't notice until it was far too late to do anything about it. I can live with it, though. 


Because how delicious are the rest of the cables? None more delicious.


Delicious indeed--more vine than cable. And a wonderful color. My cables tend to be muddy at the edges where k becomes p and vice versa. I know the only cure for this is Practice, Practice, Practice, so there will have to be some serious cables in my future.

There are long-after-the-fact repair methods for fixing cables. Google it or search on YouTube. But only if you are brave -- I think they involved cutting.

I did the yarn harlot cable fix on the wisteria sweater. That's the one where you overlay stitches. It didn't turn out too bad but the yarn is part alpaca so it has a bit of halo

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