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Once upon a time, Lisa and Adrienne worked for the same alternative newsweekly. Now, both spend their respective days mining their creative souls and leading hermit-like lives. And so an idea was hatched. Every week, one would send the other a sketch - either in illustration or word form - and the other would make a companion sketch. The result would be posted on both their blogs every week, just for grins. Even if the result isn't award-worthy, the exercise might make both minds more nimble. Hopefully.

Electric sex

Lucy the dog has taken to gently nudging the back of my calf with her nose. We’ll be out for a walk. She’ll be trotting along beside (or, frankly, leading the way). She’ll drop back and just bop my leg with her schnozzle, then trot on like nothing has happened.

She does it at home, too, or out at the park. Just a quick touch to let me know she’s paying attention to where I am.

If I weren’t such an agnostic who leans pretty hard into atheist territory, I’d make some analogy to God’s love, how it is like the touch of a dog’s wet nose on the back of your calf. But given my skeptical bent, I can’t.

Still. It’s out there, should you choose to work with it.


Text ©Adrienne Martini; illustration ©Lisa Horstman. Until the end of time. Or something.


Stella does that. She's herding you. The first time she did it, I was walking back to bed from the bathroom in the dark. It melts my heart every time she bops me. (She knows I can walk in the dark now. She mostly does it when she's excited, like for breakfast, and wants me to get a move on.)

Our Misha does that, too. She is also fond of giving one's leg/knee/elbow a nice lick just to say hello.

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