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mittens + internal organs

Not only did Ann Marie* from Delaware send a bunch of mittens:


She also sent what could be the most amusing mitten-related note** I've ever read. And I've read quite a few. 

Lucy like it so much that she stole it as I was snapping these pictures.


Corgis, they say, just gotta corg. Fortunately, I got to it before it  became so much confetti. It's a little damp, tho.

Thanks Ann Marie! 

(And if you're wondering why mittens, click here.)

In other news, Barney, the quasi-feral cat I refer to as "Jerkface Killa," can sense the coming of winter and that has ramped up his need to kill critters to get us through the cold times. He hasn't had much luck with actual living things this year - not that I have found, anyway - but still insists on bringing my husband and I tasty internal organs every night. Just this week we've stepped on a digestive system, an esophagus, and a liver. 


So what if they've been plucked out of the Tween's Visible Man


* Do you have an email address? Or did I have it at some point and have lost it? (I'm betting it's that last one.)

** Nova Scotia is involved, as is Food Saver bags, celiac disease, and border patrol. 


Could Ann Marie send me a note, too? Her note sounds much more interesting than most of the other things I've read today. Your blog is always much more interesting than most of the other things I read, but I don't recall you addressing Nova Scotia, Food Saver bags, celiac disease, and the border patrol in one blog post.

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