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You guys amaze me. 

Serial mittener Fran is still knitting.


Two more pairs showed up last week!*

Also in the mail:


From Priscilla in Ithaca, who found that knitting mittens brought her peace. Knitting gives more than it takes, yet again.

It's starting to dawn on me that this tree is going to happen and that I** need to start engineering the tree frame and blocking off a weekend to build. I'm also thinking of printing up some flyers that explain why and how this all happened, which would be near the tree for people to take. Thoughts?

(If you're wondering why mittens, click here.)

* We've entered the time of year where those of us north of the Mason-Dixon find natural light hard to come by. I had to clear off the top of a bookshelf and turn on every dang light in my office in order to get halfway decent snapshots. 


And then I had to clear Barney off of the bookshelf. Too many animals up in here.

** By "I," of course, I mean me and the Spouse, who has been roped in for the structural component. 


One more thumb to go and then I will get two more in the mail to you as well. What a variety of mittens you have!

When is the mitten deadline?

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