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A blog reader - hi, Nick! - emailed about where to send mittens, only he's in grad school and has no time for knitting. But there's something else I'd like send, he wrote. Which was both exhilarating and terrifying. I had a brief end-of-Seven vision.

I ought not to have worried.


UNICORGI! On a sticker! Thanks, Nick. I've been wandering around my office trying to figure out where to stick it.

From the kid files -- in case you've ever wondered when gender differences show up, I offer proof that it's before 3rd grade.


The Boy had a group project. His group had two boy* and two girls. The project was to glue imaged paper, then write a story about them. Above are the images. 


And the story. Note both the romance and the destruction. Wonder how it would have turned out for those two.**

* One the boys was yours, Doula K.

** Reminds me of a book Maddy used to check out a lot.


It may also remind you of Battle Bunny, by Jon Scieszka and Mac Barnett.

This entire post is made of awesome.

Yay! It arrived!

I just wish it was mittens...

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