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I've been neglecting my mitten documenting duty. They have been coming in quickly over the last couple of days, which is so great. I can't even begin to tell you.*

This bag was waiting for me last night when I showed up for work at the bookstore:


I was confused, frankly, because I wasn't hungry. 


Ah. Thanks Barb! (But I do wonder why you had a spare (and clean) Burger King bag kicking around....)

These showed up in the mail:


From Gina, who knitted her first pair of mittens ever. I think she did an awesome job.


From Susan in the ROC, whose mittens seemed to have burrowed a hole in the space-time continuum so that they could get to my house in under 24 hours. We both agree that they just couldn't wait to share their cabled fabulousness with the world.

I mean -- look:



And, lastly (but never last in my heart), from kmkat:


(If you're wondering why mittens, click here.)


* I set a Halloween deadline for the mittens, even though I know there are some still out there, waiting to find their way to me. Send 'em on. (Or, if you're local or I'll see you during the next few days, just shove them into my hands.)


My mittens were made for Sissy Handshaw's little sister ;-)

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